《Meg and Mog》(中译名:女巫麦格和小猫莫格)动画,最初是由海伦·尼柯尔写作,詹·平克斯基绘制插图的一套绘本系列。2003年,被改编成动画片,在英国CITV频道正式播出,并荣获2005年英国电视电影学院奖最佳学龄前动画。同名的图书被翻译成10几种语言,销量达百万册。





Meg Mog and Owl

What is it?

It's midnight, meg.

Time for the witches’ spell party.

I need my black stockings, my big black shoes, my long black cloak, and my tall black hat.

They are ready.

Right, I just cook some breakfast.

Oh, I am sorry, mog, I didn’t see you.

Did someone say “breakfast”?

Three eggs, bread, cocoa, some jam, milk, and a kipper. Plenty for everyone. Cool!

Cauldron, Broom

Come on, mog

Have a nice time

Here we go


We are nearly there.

Frog in a bog, bat in a hat, snap crackle pop and fancy that, abracadabra

Oh , dear, something has gone wrong.

The witches burst into mice.

I know I just change them back next halloween.


Owl's Voice
Time for bed. Good night mog, good night meg, good night, owl.
I said good night, owl. Maybe we upset him.
Have you got a sore throat? I’m sure everything will be better in the morning.
I haven’t had a wink of sleep. Feel any better, owl? Time for a spell.
Oil and honey, and sleeping shrew. Give owl back his tweet.
Now, here we go, owl. Have a drink. I think we’re getting soon well. He sounds like a cow.
Now he sounds like a sheep.
Well, practice makes perfect. One more go. Yes well on second thought, maybe a trip to vet is in order.
Owl’s throat looks very sore. He’s lost his voice.  I gave him some medicine. This should do the trick. 
How long would the medicine take to work? Oh, just a few hours. Not long to wait, owl.
Time for bed. And time for owl’s medicine to work? Good night mog. Good night meg. Good night owl. 
Oh, dear. It hasn’t worked. Good night, everyone. Owl got his voice back. 
I’m so excited. I really am , you know I’ve got so much to say. I saved it all up when I lost my voice. I could’t sleep when the owl’s speaking. Now I can’t sleep because he is. We’ve be a luck. 
It might vary for his sound. I hope so. 
I thought who is going to be a problem with that , did you hear the elephant sound ,what, its only scare me.

Meg on the Moon
Happy birthday, mog. And many of them.
Give it a big of puff, mog. Like this. Oops
A telescope, What would you like to do for your birthday trip? Mog
Yes, I’d like to go to the moon.
Three chunks of cheese, a very loud sneeze, mining the moon, we’ll see you soon.
Ready? Five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go.
Guides it, please, mog. Left be, right be, is there
Look, one of those moon buggy things. And footprints, too.
Ah, look, two astronauts. Incredible, if lying moon cat
Who are we to our hear about that back order?        
Hello, we go to visit you. I’m meg and this is mog.
What would you like to eat? Strawberries and cream. And fish
Strawberries for you, and fish for you.
Thank you, we’s got to get back to ours, bye.
Welcome to come home. Just it’s time for tea.
Do you think we’ll ever go back to the moon. I don’t think so, do you ?